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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Would You Like a Jelly Baby? – Why I Love Doctor Who & My Wife Hates It

doctor who logo original series
The Doctor Who Logo.

This is another one of those posts about a work of entertainment that I really, really love but my wife hates. And in this instance, I'm not kidding. She REALLY hates this show. Why? Heck if I know.

What's the show in question: Doctor Who. It's a long running science fiction (more fantasy) show produced by the British Broadcasting Company (BBC). Yes, it's Brit TV. It features an alien with two hearts who changes his appearance whenever he is mortally injured. By that, I mean, whenever the current actor wants to leave, they pick a new person, and VOILA– New face; same character.

I first came upon the show when I was 8 years old. It used to air on PBS, Saturday nights at 10pm. This was the only time I was allowed to stay up late. I watched it almost reverently until it was canceled in 1989. I was devastated.

In 1996, there was an attempt to bring the show back on FOX, in America. It failed, and the show vanished into obscurity. That is, until a man named Russel T. Davis changed all that.

doctor who 50th all doctors
The 11 Doctors together for Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary.
The show was revived in 2005, & has become a world-wide phenomenon. Now, people actually know what I'm talking about when I mention Doctor Who! It's amazing! Young & old alike enjoy the show in its current incarnation. Not my wife, though.

I tried to get her & my son interested in it, to no avail. She called it boring & didn't like how the main character just talked, and talked, and talked. She refused to watch more than 1 episode. To this day, if it comes on, she walks off.

So, I watch it alone. 


Still, beats Arrow, though!


Take that, honey!

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