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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pimple Popping – What Mom Never Told Me About Acne

clearasil acne cleaning pads
This is for acne... not
pinching fingers!

As a teen, I had acne problems, like a lot of kids. I eventually grew out of it, but they still occasionally pop up (pun intended). My wife has some sort of radar sense when it comes to this. She likes to find 'em and pop 'em. Why does she do that? It HURTS!

Call me a baby (she does), but it really hurts. Like someone took a teeny, tiny little knife and JABBED it into my flesh. No matter how much I cry out in pain, my wife WILL NOT STOP (like the Terminator of pimples)!

She even pops my son's pimples (he just turned 15, so he's starting to get some really nice ones, too)! Just as with me, he tries to get away, but we can't. There is no escape from my wife's poppin' hands. No matter how much we tell her it hurts, it's like she doesn't believe us.

I don't understand this, either. Is it like my poking the bear, and she just does it to see my reaction? Is it a wife thing? Do other woman pop their husband's pimples? Can anyone explain the pimple popping thing? Really, tell me why. Inquiring minds wanna know!

The worst part is that she's sneaky about it. I'll just be sitting in bed, reading on my laptop when... BOOM! POW! OWWWW!! She'll strike! She's like a cobra taking a chunk outta my side!

When will it end?

Stop torturing me!

Okay, it's really not that bad... still stings like a CENSORED, though! 

My wife's chosen torture
instrument... of DOOM!

And don't get me started on her tweezering 'strange' hair out of my beard!


  1. ... I pop my husbands pimples! Oops! lol

    1. Ginger,

      SMH... that't not nice! ;)

      Thanks for the comment!

      Now, leave your husbands pimples alone! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Rebecca,

      I'm glad you laughed. That's one of the reasons I'm writing these posts!

      I appreciate your taking time to comment! Thanks!

  3. Yuk. I've never understood the attraction to popping pimples.

    1. Jenny,

      You got me. I have no idea why she does it. I sure haven't got any desire to return the favor!

      Great comment! Thanks for sharing!