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Monday, September 28, 2015

Man Shopping, or How My Wife Hates How I Shop

My wife loves shopping. In fact, her family has a special term they use for their kind of shopping: goobling. Now, I have no idea where the word came from or what it's supposed to mean, but that's their word for shopping.

no boys men allowed
And Stay Out!

Whenever her sisters visit, they spend hours upon hours upon days upon days goobling. NO MEN ALLOWED, either. We men fold stay home and play our games. So long as we stay out of the ladies' way, then we're A-Okay.

My wife loves thrift stores. Now, I'm all for getting cheap stuff, but she just likes to go and look. Sometimes she'll find something she really wants, and gets it, but more often than not, she just shops.

If my son & I go with my her, she hates it. We 'hang around' her, follow her about, and this bothers her immensely. She pretty much just wants us to get lost and leave her alone. Usually, she just leaves us at home.

Now, when it comes to other kinds of shopping, like say, grocery shopping, my wife hates me. I make a list, go in, and a few minutes later come out with what I wanted. This is how I shop for everything, and it drives her nuts.

mit student shopping go-cart
Now this is what I call a shopping cart!
  • Do I need new shoes? 2 minutes.
  • A pair of pants? 2 minutes.
  • Groceries? 2 minutes.
  • Shirts? 2 minutes.
  • Noticing a trend?
  • Etc., etc...
The last time we went to the grocery store finally had enough. She said, “Baby, just go do it yourself. You'll be in and out before I even get to the front door. You suck all the fun out of shopping.

Then, naturally, she stuck her tongue out at me.

Real mature, dear. Real mature.


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