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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fright Fest – Coming Soon to My Home

My son & I like to scare each other. We also like to scare my wife. This is a little something I call Fright Fest (and, no, not the Six Flags theme park fall festival). It happens at random; anytime, anyplace. My wife scares easily.

Sometimes it's as simple as hiding behind a door before she walks through, or around a corner, out of sight. Other times it's been as complicated as putting a little ketchup on a finger and crying (yes, my son pulled this prank).

The most successful Fright Fest happened a few years ago (by successful I mean I scared her, but the bear struck back). My wife was sitting at the computer desk surfing (probably on Facebook). I snuck up behind her, and began to gently blow on the back of her neck.

Suffice it to say she screamed like a bear banshee, whirled in her chair, and proceeded to blindly flail in my general direction. Once she had calmed down, she revealed that she had thought it was a ghost!

Honey, if it were a ghost, why did you try to hit it?

Don't think my wife doesn't get involved herself, either. She's pulled pranks on her friends, as well as us. The best one is probably the tweeting bird. This one drove ME crazy!

I came home one day, and kept hearing this bird chirping. I thought, at first, it was something coming from the TV, my phone, or my computer, but it wasn't. Every time I would walk into a room, there'd be this CHIRP! ARGGGH!

Finally, I discovered, sitting atop our china hutch, this little, plastic bird. It had a sensor on it, and every time something passed in front of it, the thing would chirp. Cheap little dollar store contraption!

Most Annoying Bird Ever!
Not exactly the right bird, but close.

My wife must really hate me... dang bird...

To this day, I'm terrified of that obnoxious tweeting sound.

Oh, man! I think I can hear it right now!


  1. lol :D How could she think you were a ghost?? That was funny! You know, I think that chirping bird would annoy the heck out of my husband too. Great idea for a little joke!

    1. Fabiola,

      I don't know how she thought I was a ghost! She loves all of that paranormal activity stuff. I guess it was just on her mind, at the time.

      If you use the bird on your husband, don't tell him it was my idea!

      I appreciate your comment! Thanks for sharing it with me!