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Thursday, September 10, 2015

I Speak Greek... er, Geek

I'm a pretty tech-literate guy. Not as much as my brother, but way more than my wife. I love computers, and various technology, from my old iPhone to my XBox 360. I really enjoy talking about geeky stuff. My wife LOATHES that. She's always saying, 'You know that went over my head, right?'

Okay, so she doesn't know what a CPU is or how to get back home on the XBox; she's just not a nerd techy, like me. Still, I try to educate her... sigh... in the immortal words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, “BIG mistake!

My wife will never get what I like. She does like some of the same things I do, but she and I are on 2 vastly different planes of existence when it comes to entertainment and technology.

Sometimes I get really excited about a new game or gadget, and like to tell her about it. This is where it becomes more and more obvious that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus (though I suspect my wife might actually be from Pluto).

She'd rather talk about Arts & Crafts, the latest gossip on Facebook, or how she's going to whip my butt at our next family night Uno game. If I even mention wanting to watch the latest Terminator film, she gets all growly.

It's just the way things are between us. She's with a dork an enthusiast and she knows it. When I babble on about something she's just not into, she let's me know. Maybe, next time, I'll shut-up.

Nah, probably not! ;)

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