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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My Wife Says I Have NO Sense of Style

What can I say? I'm not a very smart man, when it comes to poking the bear. Don't get me wrong, even I know there are some lines you just don't cross, but I have been known to step just a little bit too far. Making fun of her sense of style is no exception.

Being a man, my tastes are somewhat... limited. It's just something that I don't really care about. Like color coordination or fashion details. Take color, for example. What's the difference between these two:

color box purple
color box lavendar

I'm not color blind, but they look that 2 shades of the same color: purple. NOPE! One is Lavender! My wife will spend hours trying to find, say, the right shade of paint to match the eggplant purple drapes. She wants cute, matchy-matchy towels in colors that rhyme... I just want to dry my hands!

Let's take furniture: I would rather have a nice pair of leather recliners. My wife wanted a big sofa. Which one do you think we got? (To be fair, I did talk her into getting a 3 piece sofa with double recliners on one end... no leather, though... or built in cooler... or vibrating seats... :( )

purple mermaid statueAnother thing my wife is really, really into is mermaids. She has mermaid pictures, paintings, statues... you name it, if it has a mermaid on it, she'll just love it! I don't understand, at all.

cola peacock
Pepsi... or Cola... I don't know!
pepsi cola peacock
Pepsi... or Cola... I don't know!
Finally, there are her peacocks. No, not real peacocks. There... statues or some such. She named them... Pepsi & Cola. I kid you not! What's that all about? And, no, I DON'T KNOW which is which!

brick cell phone 1980's
"1980 called..."

I don't get her style (and, yes, I often make fun of it), but she doesn't get mine, either (okay, so my style's probably a bit too 1980's...).

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